Traditional Staunton Combo Set

Chess Combo Sets


Bag/Board Color
Pieces Color
Black & Ivory Pieces
Black & Natural Pieces
Blue & Ivory Pieces
Blue & Natural Pieces
Red & Ivory Pieces
Red & Natural Pieces
Blue & Ivory
Blue & Natural
Red & Ivory
Red & Natural

This handsome set comes with our Traditional Staunton Chess Pieces, our Soft Mousepad Board and our Carryall Tournament Bag.

Our Traditional Staunton Chess Pieces are a high-end Staunton style set. The set weighs about 2 lbs 13 ounces, and has a 3 ¾" king with a beautiful British-style knight. They come in several color combinations, including black, blue, or red for the dark pieces, and ivory or natural for the light pieces.

The 20" Soft Mousepad Board is a great chess board for blitz play as it always lay flat and won't slide or move. It has 2¼" squares and algebraic notation around all sides of the chess board.

The Carryall Tournament Bag has two pockets for the pieces, a padded clock pouch, elastic loops to hold the board and a long pocket to carry scorebooks, note pads, etc. The bag measures apprixmately 24" x 7", comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy transportation and has sturdy handles and zippers.